Big Package / 299€ – OUR BEST!

Objective:  To become a Surfer and enjoy the surf

  • 7 Days at Surf ‘n Lanka Surf Camp including board rental and accommodation. Learn basic techniques and Learn how to catch waves a more about to stand up on the board or surf instruction on your current skill level an Meet other surfers and have fun

  • 12 surfing lessons with an experienced teacher (one in the morning and one in the late afternoon for 6 days)

  • 6 nights with 7 days’ accommodation (one bed in shared room, max two persons in one room) with breakfast, and dinner

  • Free rental from our range of surf boards out of lesson time

  • One day-trip to nearby attraction/s

  • One surf trip to near-by reef breaks (if appropriate for your level)

  • Bed in semi luxury room for 46€ extra

3-Day Package : 75€/83$

Objective:  Enjoy the surf

  • 3 days at the Surf’n’Lanka Surf Camp 

  • Board Rental include

  • Learn Basic techniques and how to stand Up on the Board with eye to eye introduction

  • Learn and improve your current Skill Level

  • Learn about Tides and how to manage 

  • Meat Other Surfers and have fun

Day Package: 30€/33$

Objective:  To become a Surfer and enjoy the surf

  • Introduction to the Surfboard and safety briefing

  • Learn Basic techniques how to Stand Up on the board

  • Exercise in the water to learn how to balance

  • Break for Coffee/tea

  • Practise one to one with our instructors

  • Surfshool: How to catch a wave

  • Practise in the water with surfinstructors

  • Summary of the das

  • Practise time!

half day Package / 15€

Objective: Stand Up!

  • Surf School: introduction to the Equipment and safety briefing

  • Basis techniques, learn how to Stand Up on the surfboard

  • Practise time in the water with our surfinstructors

  • Learn how to balance in the board

  • Break for Coffee/tea

  • Practise in the water with introduction

Surflessons:  1:1  2500 Rs. / Couple-Lesson 4000 Rs.

Objective:  To stand up on the board

  •  Introduction to board and safety briefing

  •  Basic technique on how to get up on to the board

  •  Into the water to get balance on the board and help you to stand up on your dream wave for the first time

  •  How to paddle an catch wave & How to use energy efficiently

  • (If you want you can take a Break  for 5 or 10 minutes)

  • After when you successfully complete one and half hour’s lesson, if you like you can practice 30 minutes by yourself free of charge