Although the swell all around Sri Lanka is seasonal, one exception is the Weligama beach break where surf is available all year around for beginner and advanced. This is our prime location for surf training. With wave’s heights ranging only from 2 ft to max., this is absolutely the ideal location for beginners.

but also longboarders will enjoy themselves, because the long waves of weligama invite longboarders.

We do our trainings at Weligama, in front of our surf house “Surf’N’Lanka”. Our training plan is completely different from many other surf camps. We only have experienced surfschool instructors who know the A to Z of surfing.

You will be looked after by us from the beginning. This also includes everything necessary in questions of safety. Our team teaches individual lessons, couples, groups or even people with special requirements.

Of course, the theory also belongs to the practice. From the beginning. From simple to serious. Everything you need to know about the surfboard, leash, wax, fin etc. There’s a lot to learn

How do you get on properly? How do I hold my position? am I too far forward or back? All this is shown by our surf instructors. They will guide and correct you until you find your way.

Gravity and exercise do not make it easy for us. We learn to keep you balance on the board. You’ll be surprised how easy it will be – with the right technology, of course.

Our team of surf instructors

Do not just push yourself into the waves like others do. Years of experience since the first surf lesson in Weligama. This is Surf’n’lanka.



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