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Surfn’lanka, our training plan is completely different from many other surf camps INTERNATIONAL SURFING ASSOCIATION (ISA Surf) Accredited Instructor – Suraj Manjula W.B (Manju Bandarage) and our instructors offer the right balance of knowledge, maturity and professionalism and ensure our lessons should be fun, engaging and, most importantly geared to the needs of each individual surfer.

Do not just push yourself into the waves as others do. Years of experience since the first surf lesson in Weligama.

Manju Bandarage


Owner of the Surf n’ Lanka Surf School and professional surf instructor with over 17 years coaching experience, He is the person who pioneered to make a fishing village a surfing paradise by introducing the first surfing school to Weligama. He has developed a specific method of teaching surfing through many experiments and is still actively working on the waves.

Manju Bandarage


An experienced instructor, a data warehouse with a passion for coaching surfing, he joins our surf school vision and strives to get the best out of every surfer. Active in basic and intermediate training with more than 7 years of training experience.


An experienced instructor as well as Manju’s brother’s son, Tushan brings tons of enthusiasm and insight to his coaching and has a keen understanding of the techniques we use at Surfn’lanka surf school. Active in basic and intermediate training with more than 6 years of training experience.

Lee-Boy (Roshedly)

Manju’s eldest son, who has a passion for surfing and coaching, is a lovely person who joins as advanced surf guiding. He is keen to surf with you anywhere on the south coast of Sri Lanka, giving you all the tips and keeping you safe in the water. Active in guiding and basic training with more than 4 years of training experience.

Ranu (Ranud)

Surf’n Lanka Surf School new member is passionate about surfing and coaching.

Jaye (Jayahansa)

Passionate about surfing and coaching, Jaye, is a lovely guy who joins us as a surf guide. Active in basic training with more than 3 years training experience.