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Weligama beach is a sandy beach, suitable for beginners and advanced surfers all year around. There are no reefs or rocks on the beach or at the bottom of the water making it a perfect learning environment so you don’t have to worry about getting hurt if you fall off the board. This is definitely a suitable place for beginners as well.

Perfect conditions for longboard and shortboard surfing too, we consistently have perfect conditions on the Weligama beach during high season. Perfect for beginners as well as challenging for more advanced surfers, the main ripple break.

Longboarders will also be happy as Weligama long waves invite longboarders.

Steady waves, the waves are quite predictable so it’s easy to ride and once you catch a wave you can ride it for a long time. Also, there are no bad rip or sweep currents, so we do our basic training in Weligama, in front of our surf house Surfn’Lanka as well as our training plan is completely different from most other local surf camps and is at the top of the international level.


Our Surfn’Lanka surf camp is located in the perfect position for beginner surfers. Right outside our surf house doors are waves that are ideal for riding your first green wave and learning the basic surf skills.

For total beginners we recommend joining our 7-day surf school Big package with a beginners’ surf course in Surfn’Lanka.


For intermediate surfers, down south Sri Lanka has a whole series of various beach breaks and reef breaks.

There are many perfect waves nearby that will push your skills and hopefully make you an advanced surfer by the end of your stay.


Of course, advanced surfers also get great value during a Sri Lanka surf trip. We’ll talk to you about all the tides, weather and options that are possible.

The camp will have guests of all levels of surfing, you will meet other capable surfers and our experienced guides will give you inside details on advanced options.