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Sri Lanka’s South Coast is a paradise for all surfers. The best waves arrive late October and are consistent up until early May with offshore winds. From perfect sandy beach breaks for beginners, easy shore breaks for intermediates to great reef breaks for the experienced.

There’s a perfect wave for everyone.

We also offer surf guides if you are wanting to experience some secret spots or to improve your skills faster. In the low season there are sand beach breaks for level 1 and 2 surfers and sheltered reef breaks on offer for the more experienced.

Surf guides are available and for more information please email us at [email protected]


Situated directly in front of Surfn’Lanka, Weligama is the ideal surf spot for beginners who are just starting out. Would be regarded as one of the best locations to learn to surf on the planet……With a sandy bottom, it offers long consistent mellow waves for learners to enjoy long lefts & rights for all styles of surfing.


About half an hour away is one of the most interesting breaks on offer. A long right hand reef break and a short punchy left. Plenty of barrels to be had in the right conditions. This point is very consistent and will handle overhead waves on a larger swell. There are other great breaks in this area such as Polhena Point, a long right hand reef break ideal for all levels of surfing. Our Camp Poe staff are happy to guide you there.

TEMPLES (Secret Point)

On the opposite end of the bay at Mirissa is a long left reef break offering fun waves for all styles of surfing. At times, you can hear the distant chants of the Monks from the Buddhist Temple floating over the waves – which can be a slightly mesmerizing surfing experience.


This world famous picturesque bay offers waves all year round. The northern corner offers a great right reef break that is suitable for the more experienced surfer. This is another perfect beach to hangout for the day with many local cafes and restaurants to choose from.


Located on the outer Northern point of Weligama Bay is a right hand reef break. A 10 minute paddle from the shore and depending on the conditions this wave offers super long sections to fast barrelling sections. Best time to surf this is in our low season between mid May to late October.


Tucked away just before Weligama Bay is Jungle Beach, offering a long left reef break and a big deep water right breaking in larger conditions. Easy paddle out into the channel with fun waves for beginners on smaller days and great for all styles of surfing.


A continuation of Plantations, Coconuts only a short paddle away and offers a great stretch of reef with A frame lefts & rights. On bigger days, the right hander opens up for a longer wave for the faster surfer.


Named from the surrounding area, which was a former coconut plantation. If you want to plant some new skills in your surf garden, this is a good place to start. There are numerous lefts & rights on this wide section of reef. On smaller days, it offers intermediates a chance to experience green waves & practice their turns.


This hollow and fast right-hander is for experienced surfers only. On a large swell, it has a reputation of being a board breaker. A short punchy wave offering numerous opportunities for barrels. This break works even on a smaller swell. As the name suggests, if you don’t get your take-off right, be prepared for a solid “Ramming”.


Besides “Lazy Right” is “Lazy Left.” This reef break is a relatively easy wave to master. In the right conditions, it offers a long peeling left hander, suitable for every level of surfer. Good for beginners on smaller days to practice those first turns on green waves. A very consistent break in the season offering fun waves for all styles of surfing.


 Lazy Rights is a similar step up, but can break in various places with different sections rolling through. As both breaks are over deep reefs and accessible from a channel, they are beginner to intermediate friendly for those looking to try their first reef break. This smooth wave can reel over 200 metres and with its easy take off and long sections, it is a perfect wave for all levels of surfing. Particularly those surfing their first green waves. You can access the wave from the beach and paddle out through the central channel.


This reef break is positioned beside a small island which is worth a visit in itself to explore. A picture perfect postcard with the Island in the backdrop this reef break offers great left and right punchy waves suitable for everyone depending on the swell conditions.

KANGAROOS (Marshmallows)

Adjoining Marshmallows this break offers a playground of rights and lefts for the experienced then reforming into clean green walls, the perfect transition for beginners. Suitable for all styles of surfing and on bigger days offers barrelling sections.


To the right of Surfn’Lanka you can surf our other local break “Sticks,” named after the world famous Stick Fishermen of Ahangama. This sand bottom reef break delivers both lefts & rights and offers some nice barrelling sections. On smaller days, Sticks is suitable for every level of surfer and great for the longboarder. With a bigger swell, it’s only suitable for the more advanced.


Situated just down the road from Ahangama, Kabalana is a surf spot that can handle a bit of swell. A more popular choice for the short border, it’s a chunky A-frame peak that can offer long barrels on either side. It forms off of ‘The Rock’ out the back which appears to break up the swell forming double ups and wedges. Kabalana is famed as one of the best A-frames that Sri Lanka has to offer so can get busy during peak season, but quietens off after.

There are some adventures to explore, nearby our tip is the “snakefarm“. an “turtle farm” adventurous animal experience of a special class. the batik factory, tae plantation, whale watching and temple… there is plenty to discover!

For those who are interested in surf guiding or day trips, please ask us for more information. The Surfn’Lanka team will be more than happy to help.